Your pool cleaner is technology

Smart technology and exceptional filtration

New three-dimensional filter The AstralPool range has a new 3D filter as a standard feature.

The new filter bag with three-dimensional fabric has loops that trap the smallest microparticles. It cleans four times better than other filters.

Tissue “loop”.
Gyro technology Smart, efficient and thorough cleaning

Gyro is a smart navigation system, exclusive to AstralPool, that guarantees pools are thoroughly cleaned in each cycle. It avoids all types of obstacles and has a tangle-free power cable.

Start Finish
Thorough clean in one cycle
Advantages The Gyro system scans and memorises the shape of your pool, so that it avoids obstacles and thoroughly cleans the pool's bottom, walls and water line in record time.
Gyroscopic nanotechnology
Avoids obstacles
Prevents the cable from getting tangled
Your pool care in the best hands
Adjustable nozzles Greater adjustment, greater suction

The adjustable nozzles enhance suction according to the type of dirt to be cleaned. In the case of pools close to a beach or sandy environments, the nozzles should be lowered so that they are able to vacuum every last particle of sand. Exclusive, patented technology.

For all types of dirt
Easy-to-adjust nozzle.
Nozzle retracted for light particles.
Nozzle released for heavy particles.
Built-in control The power supply includes a programmer and you can also use a remote control to adjust the settings.
For all types of pools All our cleaners have PVA wheels and brushes The PVA wheels used in all of AstralPool's range of cleaners will ensure that your cleaner adapts perfectly to any surface, whether tiling, a liner, polyester or painted concrete. They ensure maximum grip to walls and all types of slopes.

If you have any doubt or question, please, do not hesitate to contact us

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If you have any doubt or question, please, do not hesitate to contact us.